The Wonderful Healing Leaves is a PICTURE BOOK for ALL AGES!!

It is a retelling of a folktale  and  an entertaining tale of miscalculation and courage. The illustrations create a lush, vivid and textural backdrop for the adventure! The hero of the story perseveres with courage through challenges and deception. While the book has many classic folk and fairy tale elements, it can also be used to talk to children about subjects such as kindness and selfishness, courage and persistence. The Wonderful Healing Leaves is a wonderful gift idea for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers!

           the process of creating the illustrations

The composition for the image is sketched in pencil. Large sheets of paper are painted with single colors  of  paint using  a variety of brush strokes. Finally colors are cut into small pieces, assembled  and glued in  place. The process can be compared to a stained glass window being assembled.


The Wonderful Healing Leaves

The Wonderful Healing Leaves

              (9 x 11 hardcover)     




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